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Being a university student is no different than being a kid in school on few grounds as we’d dislike agreeing upon. You are given the same 24 hours as you did in high school, you probably have lesser subjects to deal with each term or semester than you did in school, and with the 21st century evolution in education, assignments are part and parcel of a student’s life. You have assignments and you need to hand them up but somehow you feel playing on your mobile right now and surfing the social media would be better than diving yourself into your work. Well here are 4 easy steps to getting that work done before you drag yourself across your table to see what your friends are up to in their lives.

 Step 1: Prioritise and Plan

The key to getting anything done is to know what to do first and that is called PLANNING and PRIORITISING. Compare due dates, and know what needs to be handed out sooner than the other. Complete them according to the deadline and you shouldn’t have a problem finishing those assignments.

Step 2: Make a Schedule

The timetable is not a new word in your vocabulary at this point of your life. Allot time to complete your task based on their priority. Workaround your timetable and on that schedule, include some time for exercise and sleep because a tired body is a tired mind and a tired mind is not a productive one. 

Step 3: Do Not Procrastinate

If you are easily distracted by your gadgets and if you keep procrastinating, all you will end up with in the end is wasted time and piled up assignments. Lock away those distractions and stay focused on your assignment completion. Don’t keep saying you will start tomorrow because the greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started.

Step 4: Ask for Help

If you are delaying on those assignments because you have trouble understanding the objectives or the angle on which to start the assignment – ASK FOR HELP! And ask the RIGHT person for help. Do not hesitate to ask your course mates or try to work up a group meeting to assist each other in brainstorming ideas. Always consult your lecturers when in doubt.



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