How To Make Revisions Effective

Our previous volume of Info Bytes touched on space and sounds for revision – choosing the right spot in which you want to study for an exam or prepare for an assignment. In this volume, we’ll touch on some basic techniques on how to make revision time effective so that you would not put to vain those hours in those study materials.

Be Positive!

The first and most important tip to make your revisions a success, is to be POSITIVE. You need to feel like a winner before you attempt to do something. This positive energy will lift your confidence and will subconsciously make you enjoy your study time instead of dreading it. If anyone comes around you moping and sulking about how annoying it is to sit and revise - rub some positivity on them and tell them, it’s the way to get things rolling!

Clear The Clutter & The Apps!

A clean space is necessary to stay focus. How are you going to get that revision done if you have piles of unnecessary things around you? So get your space tidy. Bring out only the necessary items for that particular subject and keep away the social media apps – believe me, the newsfeed content isn’t going to be questioned in your exams!

Make A Timetable

The key to success (yes.. there are lots of keys, mind you!) is to be organised. Plan your study time around your classes. Keep a chart of what you need to do next in a day but make sure to always leave space for exercise and sleep. To retain study information, you need to rest, and you need to pump that heart to have your blood circulating so you can stay focused.

Make SUMMARY Notes

Yes, note the CAPS on the word SUMMARY – it means to make a simplified explanation of what you’ve read or been thought in class – it does not mean to highlight your entire reference book, or print out every volume of research from the internet. If you’ve understood something, you should be able to write it out in your own words, as goes the saying of Albert Einstein - if you cannot simply explain it to a 5-year-old, you do not understand it! These summaries are your go-to-note when the hour to the exams reach closer.

Use your Friends & Family

Get your friends or family to throw you pop quizzes to test you on what you’ve revised. You could make flash cards of the question with answers and have them randomly pick a card to quiz you, and your answer on the card would assist them to knowing if you are right or wrong.

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