Seminar: Student Mobility Programme - USA

Seminar: Student Mobility Programme - USA

Linton University College and its Affiliated Institutes are in the midst of working with various Higher Educational Institutions in the United States of America and other countries to provide various learning opportunities through its Mobility Programme, which is currently overseen by Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Strategic Development, Mr Alla Kesava Rao. 

The Student Mobility Programme ( S M P ) is an opportunity for students to study abroad for a specific period of time in another similar or higher nature of educational/ learning institution whilst undertaking their degree programme. There are various benefits to the SMP amongst which are to provide the opportunity for students to experience different perspectives on selected academic subjects, overseas, and to allow students to experience better personal and intellectual maturity while broadening academic horizons experiences abroad.

In line with this, Linton organised a seminar on the 23rd of May, with invited speakers from the American Embassy and MACEE, Ms Kavita Chandran and Esther Kang under Graduate Education in the USA. The seminar was opened with a welcoming speech from Mr Alla Kesava Roa followed by Ms Kavita ad Ester's introduction to the programme channels under their care. They briefed students on the processing procedures of the application for various scholarship/internship opportunities for Malaysians to pursue in the US, what to expect when they apply, and what to look forward to when they do achieve the mentioned chance.

Linton looks forward to the active mobility of its student through these channels as to live by its mission and vision, aspiring to empower education excellence and makes opportunities happen for its graduates. | LUC


 Ms Ester, Mr Alla, Ms Kavita and the Emcees for the day at the end of the seminar

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