Campus Recruitment Programme

Did you know that almost 100% of Procter and Gamble’s young talents come from Campus Recruitments? 

As hiring companies, There is no better time in recent memory for organizations to swoop up top talent from universities and as a University, this is the best programme to open up for their students. At Linton University College, the first Campus Recruitment Programme took place in February 2017 and a total number of 120 students were preped with Curriculum Vitae writing and grooming lessons to better prepare them for their interview sessions with the industry experts who were invited to carry out their employment and internship interviews. 


Months after the first round, the annual Career Day was held with the help of GTI Media who presented several talks such as ‘How Employers Want to See the Digital You’, ‘Getting Ready For the Working World’, ‘How to Get Hired’ and ‘Acing Your Internship’. Companies were invited to give a preview of their profile and interviews were conducted to employ staff and interns for their organisation. 

So why go through all this?

As University students, your aim is to be equiped for the working world. Your academic qualification is tailored to give you the knowledge to carry out the specialised tasks you will have to conduct at the company you are employed. But to get to the point of being employed these days is not the same as it was during the time of your parents.  But is finishing your studies and awaiting the campus recruitment all you need to do to secure you a job or internship? There’s more to it all – how do you stand-out and be seen and selected in a pool of students? Here are 7 qualities that can help you stand a good chance:-


i) Quick Learners 
Quick learners usually have precedence over their competition owing to their ability to learn swiftly and developing expertise in various aspects of the job profile. This quality can boost their efficiency and in the process, minimise the duration of any training involved, which an organisation may have provisioned for them.


ii) Interpersonal and Communication Skills

This is an added advantage for many job seekers, in fact it seems to be a dying skill amongst the Millenials due to technology. Being able to communicate in a way that is comprehensible by any person in an enterprise is extremely crucial, since it can make or break probable business pursuits.


iii) Ability to Take Ownership

Being accountable and taking ownership or responsibilities can greatly influence an employee's appeal. Completing a task to the best of one's ability and effort, and taking responsibility for the same demonstrates ambition and higher degree of competence in an employee.


iv) Be a Team Player
Being part of a team is crucial in furthering both personal and professional growth of an employee. Exchanging inputs with co-workers on any project can improve communication and understanding between each other, which in turn, creates a positive impact on everyone involved.


v) Be Likeable
Having a pleasing personality and friendly nature can help an individual gain trust and improve their communication with their co-workers and colleagues from other departments as well.


vi) The Ability To Multitask

A person's ability to multitask can increase their work efficiency, improve time management and maximize productivity.


vii) Personal Credibility and Integrity

Showcase a strong level of principals and make it the cornerstone of your life. People with strong presonal credibility and integrity perform well and are able to be trusted by their employers with a given task or role. 


These qualities will make you an outstanding student and help you stand out in the crowd. Prepare yourself from day one of University life and groom yourself to being employable and by the time you get to that interview at the Campus Recruitment Programme, believe in yourself and ace that interview.  

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