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There has been considerable research in recent years about the various types of learners - the fact that different people learn in different ways and in the type of surrounding that suits them. People can have one preferred style or frequently have a collection of different learning techniques that work for them. In this volume of Info Bytes, we want to talk about sounds and spaces that can help you get the most out of your revisions.

There are some who require pin-drop silence while revising, where else there are others who can have their headphones on and can get through hours of revision with music blasting in their ears. Whichever type of learner you are, at the Linton Campus, you have the opportunity to have the total silence you need in the 2534m2 library on the 1st floor of the administrative block, or in the selective social spaces around the campus that offers various decibels of sounds from birds chirping in the lush landscaped outdoors of the campus to the chattering aisles of busy Lintonians around the lobby and faculties. And if nothing seems to fit your mood, the hostel is just a stone throw away for you to get back to your own desk for revisions – no traffic, no fuss! With wireless Internet access all around campus, you can actually pick the right spot that suits you best and spread open those books.

However, allocating the right amount of time to prepare yourself for your exams or assignments is essential to the success of your studies regardless of what your study space is like. So mark your zone and make it your own while being a student at Linton and ace those subjects with ease because, at Linton, it’s all about you. 



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