Worried Over Your Child Studying Abroad?

There comes a point in everyone’s life when we have to spread our wings and leave the nest for a new adventure - education is no exception. In fact, education is the main factor that gets people moving to places they never thought they would. Residing abroad for a quality education may be daunting but it doesn’t have to be at Linton University College. Embarking on an educational journey abroad would unravel many concerns. Here are a few we’ve decided to discuss, to ease your fears and to tell you, we’ve got your back on this!

CONCERN #1: VISA APPLICATION: You must be wondering - “How would the visa application be?”, “Will the foreign country approve my child’s application for a visa?”,  “How much would it cost?”, “Can I trust the people I am giving my money to?” Well, there’s no reason to go on wondering when we have the answers for you. There are a total of 7 steps in the VISA application process and they are:

STEP 1: Submission of Admission Documents
STEP 2: Acceptance of Admission Letter
STEP 3: Student Visa Processing by EMGS
STEP 4: Visa Approval Letter (VAL) by Immigration
STEP 5: Pre-Arrival Briefing before departure to Malaysia
STEP 6: Arrival at the Malaysian Airports
STEP 7: Medical Screening

 Throughout the entire process, our international student office personnel will be in correspondence with you and the entire process is transparent. You may visit our website for more details on each step. 

CONCERN #2: LANGUAGE COMPETENCY: English is the medium of instruction at Linton University College, but if English is not your mother tongue, fret not! You’d probably not understand this write-up all that well, but let’s just say you understand just enough to pull it through. Anyway, if your child faces trouble in communicating in English, Linton UC can assist your child in preparatory classes that cover a range of areas such as speaking, listening, writing and reading in English - the four pillars of language competency.


CONCERN #3: LIVING ENVIRONMENT & SECURITY: You can bet one thing, at Linton, accommodation is not just affordable, it is available! Yes, most often Universities provide you accommodation for the first 6 months of study, and then you are faced with the sad reality of forking out huge sums on a place for your child to stay and the locations may not be convenient. At Linton, your child is guaranteed accommodation from REGISTRATION to GRADUATION! Why? Well, it's because the last thing you need is to worry where your child is going to retire for the night and how long it would take for your child to get to class the next morning. Our accommodation is just a stone throw away and it is fully equipped with a 24-hour security along with CCTV to keep things in order.


CONCERN #4: COST OF LIVING: Ringgit Malaysia which is our currency is currently 4.21 in the exchange rate to the US Dollar and Linton’s campus is 45minutes away from the city centre. It is a common housing and development fact that the farther you live from the city, the kinder the cost of living is to you, and so it is. Life in Mantin is easy and relaxed. It is a small town in the state of Negeri Sembilan which is nestled in lush greenery in which our campus fills 160acres. Our town has a wide range of local delicacies which will spoil you for choices when it comes to food; it is easily accessible by bus which is a service we offer for our students.


CONCERN #5: EMPLOYABILITY & CAREER PATH: Our programmes are carefully designed to have both academic and professional subjects incorporated in its curriculum to make industry-ready graduates. Our lessons are followed by industrial visits and excursions to provide our students with the exposure and experience of the real world. This approach illuminates their career path. We also provide the platform for our final year students to connect with top-notch employers, therefore, we are proud to say that 98% of our students are employed within the first 6 months of graduation.

We hope we’ve helped put to rest your worries and we look forward to welcoming you and your child to our campus.

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