A Pint Saves Three

You’d probably be wondering what pint and saves what? Well, the topic in this volume is about Blood Donation and the title is meant to say a pint or rather a bag of blood is able to save 3 lives, yes three! Linton University College collaborates couple of times a year with the local blood bank of Tengku Ja’afar General Hospital in Seremban in organizing blood donation drives at the campus. This drive is usually supported rather well by our students and staff and has been an ongoing tradition of the Student Affairs Department to make certain of this activity. 


So is saving three lives the only benefit of donating blood? The answer is no. There are more reasons why you should get to the blood bank and do this wonderful act of kindness.


·      A Free Health Screening

A donor receives a free prior health screening plus mini blood test. In this mini blood test there will be a haemoglobin level test, as well as a blood pressure and body check.When your blood is collected, a small volume (which is enough to test wonders in a human!) is taken to test for any forms of diseases and other blood function tests. If there is an issue to be worried about, the blood bank will contact you for a visit with the doctor in complete confidentiality.


·     Improves Heart Health

Donating blood improves your overall cardiovascular health. Increased level of iron in the blood raises the chance of heart disease. Regularly donating blood helps males in particular to reduce the amount of iron in the blood. This can reduce the chance of heart attack by 88%. Additionally, regular blood donation can lower the risk of severe cardiovascular events such as stroke by 33%.


·     Burns Calories

Donating blood on a regular basis can improve your fitness. Donating one pint of blood (450 ml) burns 650 calories in donor’s body. However, you are not to donate too often as your body needs time to reproduce red blood cells. This benefit could just add up as a booster to that weight loss you may be on. 


·     Reduces Cancer Risk 

Give blood to help lower your risk of cancer. According to the Miller-Keystone Blood Center, consistent blood donation is associated with lowered risks of cancers, including liver, lung, colon, stomach and throat cancers. Risk levels drop in correlation with how often participants donate blood.


·     Brings joy to many

When you donate blood, you impact not only the patient whose life may depend on your donation, but also all those who depend on that patient. The entire community will benefit from the spirit of generosity. Studies have also shown that people who volunteer for altruistic reasons (to help others rather than themselves) appear to live longer than those who volunteer for self-centered reasons. Apparently, altruistic volunteering reduces the risk of mortality. 

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