English – The Language of Communication

The Lingua Franca

There are about one billion people across the world who could communicate in English to some extent. Whether English is one’s native language, second or foreign language, it is without a thread of doubt, English is the language of the world or as linguists call it - The LINGUA FRANCA! But why does it carry so much weight in the world and what are the benefits of mastering English?

One Language ~ One World

Rooting up from Education as the basis to an extensive expansion of globalisation in the 21st century, English has taken precedence in Education and has moulded and shaped the world we live in today. English is the medium of communication - the one language that connects us regardless of our geographical and linguistic variations. It closes the foreign gap almost instantly when different nationals are able to be understood clearly amongst each other. It then directly promotes the transfer and amalgamation of cultures and traditions which have foster respect and unity between individuals and nations over the centuries.

On a different front, English governs economy through communications and is, therefore, a substantial currency in the world of commerce, business, and human resource and management. The English language allows multi-level communication which promotes collaborations and trading that has forged and fostered understandings between small, medium and large multinational corporations that head the economy of the world

English finds its way also through building civilisations set in science and technology. As the world continues to move towards scientific breakthroughs, English has promoted the understanding and joint-ventures in groundbreaking discoveries, research, creations and innovations and has narrowed the gap of comprehension across the curricula.

Mastering English ultimately leaves no one behind. It works as a bandwagon that journeys everyone towards a better world of effective communication. Everyone is opened to grasping the fruits of knowledge through the various medium of communication that is easily accessible and simply at the tip of our fingers these days, therefore, it is readily available to be taken advantage of

At Linton University College, English is the medium of instruction in the Campus whereby all academic syllabi are taught in English. The prerequisite for enrolment into any of our programmes include English proficiency. If you come from a background that does not use English as a native language, Linton will provide an exclusive English Language Programme through our partnership with the London English Academy to assist you in acquiring the competency level required for communicative and comprehensive skills to ace your tertiary education.

London English Academy 

LEA is an Award Winning Academy and has received the QUALITY BRAND AWARD by International Standard Quality (ISO).

LEA believes that Foundation is the KEY to all SUCCESS 

VISION: To make our students quality graduates. FUN LEARNING: LEA believes that learning comes from an enjoyable classroom that instils interest. Courses offered:

English Enrichment Classes for IELTS Professional English Programmes
Summer/Winter Programme 

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