Malaysia -A Food Haven

If you are living in Malaysia or abroad, as parents, the biggest worry you would have over your child other than their safety is their FOOD! If you're wondering how is your child going to manage to be away from home, believe it or not, being in Malaysia, that is one worry we can let to rest. 

Linton University College is situated in what you could call a mini-haven. The little town of Mantin in which Linton is is home to various delectable goodies from all quarters of the Malaysian racial build-up. In fact, we are not only open to local delights but a few minutes of commuting out of Mantin will lead you to a wider variety of international cuisines.

Since Linton is only 45 minutes to the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city, which houses skyscrapers and malls of every size and shape, foreign eateries and franchised restaurants are available around the clock at different spots and venues and at different price range too. 

Basically, if you feel like having a nasi lemak (Malay local meal made up of coconut milked rice, chilli paste, known as sambal, fried peanuts and anchovies with sliced cucumber wrapped in banana leaf) or Sushi you can! You could either go around the world to enjoy all types of food or come to Malaysia and have everything in one country! Yes, our food arena is that globalised and we can’t be happier!

 Eat Right & Live Well - The Malaysian Healthy Plate

Being a food paradise does not give us the excuse to neglect our health. The Ministry of Health Malaysia recently launched its MY HEALTHY PLATE Champaign to encourage the public to manage their diet and lifestyle in order to curb the rising obesity and obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. The Healthy Plate is (as shown in the diagram) ideally shows 4 quarters on a plate with one quarter for rice and pieces of bread, another for proteins and two quarters for fruits and vegetables.


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