Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M) is a study and practise of medicine which ages back approximately 2500 years ago. It is an area of specialisation that has stood the test of time and remained authentic in its practices. Founded in China, TCM is based on medicinal practices which include herbal medicine (herbalism), massages, exercises such as QiGong, acupuncture, moxibustion and dietary therapy

The Emergence of the Age-Old Science

TCM has, for the last two and a half centuries played a vital role in the practices and standardisation of medicine in China, Tibet, parts of Japan and Korea. With the influence of Western Medicine, and with globalisation, the benefits of TCM to the wellness of the human body has been notably adapted into modern practices of medicine. 

TCM is no longer known as the medicinal practice of old uncles and aunties. It is beginning to receive a significant interest by the current millennials who are venturing into tertiary education and career options. As the world moves towards organic farming and clean energy, the market for traditional practices is seeing a rise as the younger generation thrives towards healthier options for healing and wellness

TCM in the 21st Century

The benefit of pursuing a tertiary education in Traditional Chinese Medicine includes learning the skills and techniques required to hold various career opportunities in TCM. There is an abundance of resources available to undertake this study and the approach which would be both diagnostic and practical in order to truly provide professional services and consultancy to clients/patients/customers seeking the aid of traditional medicine.

Career Prospects include Pharmacist at Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacies, Acupuncturist,  herbalist, massage therapist, clinical therapist and practitioner, nutritional and health consultants, product developer/medical researcher, educator and academia, rehabilitation therapist, and sports therapist.

Linton Ventures into TCM

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Linton University College and Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The signing of this MOU opens a new chapter in the exchange of Chinese Medicine as part of strengthening Malaysia and China's higher education. We look forward to the new venture as part of making Linton everyone's choice!

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