Whether you are a student in search of a tertiary education or a professional seeking for a career development fit for the 21st century's global market, Linton University College is the ideal point to begin your transformation.

Linton opened its doors to students as a college back in 1987 in Ipoh, Perak and moved to the Mantin campus in 2005. Five years later, Linton received its University College status, marking 30 years as a key provider in the education industry. Its campus in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan is home also to three of its Affiliate Colleges - Institut Technologi Pertama (ITP), Institut Jati, and Institut Antarabangsa Sains Mantin. Under one roof as Linton Campus, all four institutions provide various programmes from Foundation right up to Masters.

Linton University College provides a diverse array of programmes in Engineering, Built Environment, Information Technology, Business & Accounting, and Applied & Visual Arts. Linton aligns itself with its mission to forge a holistic experience in education with a global exposure as it continues creating industry-ready graduates.

At Linton, students learn within a nurturing and conducive environment cultivated by educators and counsellors who care about their personal and academic development. Students will study in an inclusive and integrated campus, equipped with state-of-the art laboratories and modern facilities which give them the liberty to pursue their interests in a diverse and international setting. Linton believes that learning and personal development is an ongoing and universal process, and not one that is confined to classrooms, textbooks and lecture halls hence it incorporates various student activities that promote joy, unity and respect amongst its diverse student and staff population.

Linton has been and aspires to continue being a spark in its students’ lives – enabling them to find their purpose, giving them the guidance to strengthen their skills and the inspiration to make their dreams a reality.


To be a reputable educational institution producing quality graduates at a competitive level in line with the national education philosophy.


To produce competent, knowledgeable and high-skilled graduates who have the entrepreneurship awareness and the will to strive for excellence.


The True University Experience

Our campus encapsulates everything that is valuable about a good education: it is a place for learning, focus and motivation, but also for exchange, enablement and a true all-round education.

The Campus The Community

Our campuses play a key role not only in the education of our students but also as a catalyst for change and transformation in the broader communities they are situated in.

Academic Support & Student Services

We provide a wide range of academic support services, ensuring a university experience that is both academically fulfilling and socially enriching.
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